Song List

Here you will find our songlist…which changes almost daily.

Some Important Notes:

A. We pride ourself on learning songs for our clients if it is not on our songlist.  The 3 of us all listen to different kinds of music so we rarely have a request that at least one band member does not know.  We don’t know it…then we will learn it – Guaranteed.

B. We customize your experience.  If you want all traditional bluegrass, that is the style we will play.  If you want us to play all 80s and in traditional form (not bluegrass style) then we do it.  If you want us to play like we do when we play bar gigs, it will be an even more unique experience.

C. The genres of music we listen to and play are 80’s, 70’s, Funk, Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Rap, Reggae & JamBand.  It is extremely common that we play half our set list in bluegrass style – like 80’s songs transformed into bluegrass.  Also, we typically mash several songs into one song.  For instance, one of our more popular mashes are: I Know You Rider>In the Air Tonight>I Wish>Sweet Child O’ Mine>I Wish>I Know You Rider…

Here’s a Sample of some of the songs we play…

Chewbacky Sample Songs 2020