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Welcome to the World of Chewbacky!


chewbacky_long_logo_sticker  If you’d like to hear a typical Chewbacky set from one of our shows then look no further!  Below are multiple private event and venue set recordings that were recorded on an iPhone nestled behind our fantastically handsome Bass player so the bass might be up, but the crowd always gets down!

Private Gig: 1) LMCMT Intro, 2) Chewbacky Jam (Original) –>Second That Emotion (Smokey Robinson/Jerry Garcia), 3) Heaven Sent (The Steeldrivers), 4) Call me Al, (Garfunkel-less Paul Simon), 5) Porch Song (Widespread Panic/Mikey Houser)

Quadruple Pounder w/ Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato & Funk – I Know You Rider (Traditional/Grateful Dead) –> In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins) –>I Wish (Stevie Wonder)–>Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns-N-Roses)

Make that 2 Orders of the Quadruple Pounder: Bubble Toes (Jack Johnson) –>Fat Bottom Girls (Queen <ironically>) –> Stir it Up (Bob Marley & the Wailers) –>Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes (Paul Simon) –> Outro..

Some of our crowd favorites courtesy of The Dinghy on Isle of Palms: 1) All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie),  2) Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads),  3) Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi) –>Don’t You Forget About Me (Simple Minds), 4) Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) –>Get Down on It (Kool & the Gang) –> Purple Haze (Hendrix) –>Walk this Way (Aerosmith), 5) Every Breath you Take (The Police), 6) Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel), 7) Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty), 8) If it Hadn’t Been for Love (The Steeldrivers), 9) Down with Disease (Phish), 10) And She Was (Talking Heads) 11) Land Down Under (Men at Work), 12) 9 to 5 “Women at Work” (Dolly Parton), 13) Borderline (Madonna), 14) Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), 15) Always Something there to Remind Me (Naked Eyes) –> What I Got (Sublime)

2019 Saint Chewbacky’s Day @ My Father’s Mustache: 1) Drink it up Men (The Dubliners), 2) Careless Whispers (George Michael), 3) Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel), 4) Can’t Cry Blues (Original), 5) Take on Me (A-ha), 6) Get Down on it (Kool & the Gang) –> Eye of the Tiger (Survivor) + 8-Stop –> Don’t You Forget About Me (Simple Minds), 7) Just Like Heaven (The Cure), 8) Purple Haze (Hendrix) –> Walk this Way (Aerosmith)

A Look Back Over the Years: From Way ‘backy 10 Years Ago chew today: Various Songs, Countless Gigs, Endless Fun, Scores of Happy Patrons & Customers…

“Chewbacky is essentially 80’s played bluegrass style with a splash of funk. You have to see these guys!” – Charleston City Paper

Formed in Charleston, SC in 2008 –  Chewbacky is a unique 3-piece cover & originals band including Scott Carpenter on lead vocals and guitar, Corey Kinsella on mandolin and backup vocals and Jason Hayes on bass and backup vocals.

From 2000-2008, Scott and Corey played originals, 80’s, 90’s and rock covers all across the music scene in the Lowcounty as “Chewbacca”.  

In 2008,  Chewbacca was approached about playing a large, local “bluegrass-only” festival.  At that time, Chewbacca had been incorporating a handful of bluegrass songs in their rock sets, but bluegrass was not their main focus. In order to round out their sound for the festival, they decided to team up with guitarist/bass player, Jason Hayes.

In an effort to create a sound they had not heard from any local bands (and partly because of their lack of real, traditional bluegrass chops at the time) – the three musicians decided to play 80’s hits from bands like Talking Heads, Lionel Richie & Duran Duran  – in bluegrass style.  Chewbacca became “Chewbacky” and the rest is history…

Chewbacky is a cover band that also writes and performs original songs.  What is unique about Chewbacky?

  • Many of our covers are custom arranged to be different from the originals
  • We are multi-genre and we often fuse multiple songs into one arrangement with the most common flavor being 80’s cover songs played bluegrass style, (which is how we started)
  • You can’t put us in a box.  If Chewbacky was a CD in an old school “Disc and Tape Music Shop”, we would be in the back corner under the “Mix, Jazz, Other” Category.

Chewbacky has over 200 songs with new ones being added constantly.  We encourage our clients to customize our set lists and we always learn your favorite songs for your event if we don’t currently play it.

Chewbacky plays songs in these genres:

  • Strong focus on Bluegrass, Funk & 80’s favorites
  • 60’s, 70, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and beyond
  • Yacht Rock, East Listening and Solid Gold
  • Bluegrass & Country
  • Funk
  • Americana
  • Jamband
  • Classic Rock & Southern Rock
  • Soft Rock/Easy Listening
  • R&B, Soul & Dance Music
  • Rap, with a strong focus on “old school rap”
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Reggae
  • Traditional Wedding Music
  • Mexican Grunge
  • Middle Eastern Heavy Metal
  • Modern Gregorian Chant

Chewbacky is available for booking events in Charleston and surrounding areas:

  • Clubs/Restaurants/Bars
  • Company Events/Special events
  • Festivals/Concerts
  • Wedding Ceremonies/Rehearsal Dinners/Receptions